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  • In: Exotic Ants, Biology, Impact and Control of Introduced Species. Unidade: MZ

    Subjects: Hymenoptera

  • In: Advances in Insect Rearing for Research and Pest Management. Unidade: ESALQ

    Subjects: Fitossanidade, Entomologia Agrícola, Insetos

  • In: African Honey Bee. Unidade: FFCLRP

    Subjects: Biologia

  • In: African Honey Bee. Unidades: FMRP, FFCLRP

    Subjects: Biologia, Genética

  • In: African Honey Bee. Unidade: FMRP

    Subjects: Biologia, Genética

  • In: Brazil's Economic and Political Future. Unidade: FFLCH

  • In: State and Society in Brazil: Continuit and Change. Unidade: FFLCH

  • In: Proceedings. Conference title: World Soybean Research Conference. Unidade: FEA

    Subjects: Economia

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