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Ecophysiological plasticity of Amazonian trees to long-term drought (2018)

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  • Unidade: CENA
  • DOI: 10.1007/s00442-018-4195-2
  • Language: Inglês
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    • Título do periódico: Oecologia
    • Volume/Número/Paginação/Ano: v. 187, n. 4, p. 933–940, 2018
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    • ABNT

      DOMINGUES, Tomas Ferreira; OMETTO, Jean Pierre Henry Balbaud; NEPSTAD, Daniel C; et al. Ecophysiological plasticity of Amazonian trees to long-term drought. Oecologia, Berlin, v. 187, n. 4, p. 933–940, 2018. DOI: 10.1007/s00442-018-4195-2.
    • APA

      Domingues, T. F., Ometto, J. P. H. B., Nepstad, D. C., Brando, P. M., Martinelli, L. A., & Ehleringer, J. R. (2018). Ecophysiological plasticity of Amazonian trees to long-term drought. Oecologia, 187( 4), 933–940. doi:10.1007/s00442-018-4195-2
    • NLM

      Domingues TF, Ometto JPHB, Nepstad DC, Brando PM, Martinelli LA, Ehleringer JR. Ecophysiological plasticity of Amazonian trees to long-term drought. Oecologia. 2018 ; 187( 4): 933–940.
    • Vancouver

      Domingues TF, Ometto JPHB, Nepstad DC, Brando PM, Martinelli LA, Ehleringer JR. Ecophysiological plasticity of Amazonian trees to long-term drought. Oecologia. 2018 ; 187( 4): 933–940.

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