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Global psychoanalyst? (2006)

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  • Abstract: This paper is a response to discussion about the regulation of psychoanalysis in different countries, with different cultural and political implications in different aprts of the world. The paper focuses on the case of Brazil, and then draws out some consequences. In Brazil, the discussion has been catalysed by some strange circustances. There was no stage regulation of psychoanalytic practice until a very influential religious movement, with no connections with the history of psychoanalysis and not recognized by any of the hundreds of psychoanalyticla groups, associations and institutions in Brazil, proposed a law that would validate a project in which this religious organisations proposed itself as the official entity responsible for the psychoanalytic training. The project was almost approved by the National Congress, and this initiated debate in Brazilian psychoanalysis: if no one is the owner of the label psychoanalyst can anyone take it can it be privatised? Despite the reactive and defensive nature of this false alternative, the university has como to assume an important place in this question. The logic of the question presupposes that we have to regualte psychoanalysis before the non-analysts do so. If ths argulent were to be carried through to is logical conclusion there eould then be transnational criteria that would define who can be psychoanalyst arriving at a limit case, of the global analyst. We need to consider ono position inside and outside psychoanalysis to desconstuct this segregationist logic and to tackler the frontier problem that is posed
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  • Conference titles: International Conference - Psychoanalysis and State Regulation

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