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A simple route for syntheses of trihalide-bridged carbonyl diruthenium (II, III) complexes: crystal and molecular structure of ttt-['RuPOT.II"CI IND.2')'(CO) IND.2"(P'Ph IND.3') IND.2'], [(CO)'(As'Ph IND.3') IND.2"Ru POT.II'('mu'-'CI IND.3')'Ru POT.III"CI IND.2'(As'Ph IND.3')] and [(CO)'(P'Ph IND.3') IND.2"Ru POT.II'('mu"Br IND.3')'Ru POT.III"Br IND.2'(P'Ph IND.3')], spectroscopies, electrochemistry and properties (2001)

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